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Tianghong Ma, finalist at the E-Fashion Awards 2015

Tianhong Ma, a former student at ESIMODE school of fashion, had an opportunity to participate to an international competition : the E-Fashion Awards 2015. This Award Show acknowledges the best digital strategy used by fashion designers.

E-Fashion Awards

Each year about 200 students from the most prestigious Fashion schools take part in this international contest. The first selection is made through an internet voting. The 10 best favourites have been selected to participate to the final.

This year, the following designers have been selected by the public :

• Paulo et Roberto Ruiz Muñoz
• Davinia Vitrac
• Quang Huy Nguyen
• Karen Topacio 
• Tianhong Caminel
• Nano Dabo
• Camille Lecomte
• Antonin Douhay
• Simone Simon
• Norst


The 10 finalists have the opportunity to present their work while participating to an organized fashion parade at “Le Salon des miroirs” in the heart of Paris.
Each collection and each piece are appreciated by a professional jury, lead by the great designer Alexis Mabille and composed of Cécilia Gabizon, editor of Madame Figaro, photographer and director Ali Mahdavi and Joffrey Mongin, winner of the last year competition.

Our former student, Tianhong Ma has won third place after the presentation of her creations.