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Project: Le salon du Chocolat

It is with great joy and a little bit of gluttony, the 2nd year design students accepted Mr. Sallier’s (director of the house Pillon in Toulouse) offer to make an outfit for the Salon du Chocolat, held at the Parc des Expositions from the 13 to 15 of March.

Fashion school students presented five different projects, all within a main theme given by the show organizers, titled "The Opera". The big winner which was chosen by Mr Sallier co-worker, was a project inspired by the Sydney Opera House .

The holding consists of a corseted top, to have a very flat surface on which will be positioned the organ pipes in silver chocolate. Then comes a skirt with large pockets, the shape is a reminder of the original Opera’s architecture. And of course various accessories, without which an outfit is not complete! A mask, entirely in chocolate, cuffs with chocolate curls and bobby pins to support a miniature replica of Sydney Opera House in chocolate.

For the skirt, students worked on volume and achieved their first paper prototype.

We thank the company Mod'l Scene, specializing in opera costumes and theater, who lent us a corset pattern from 18th century. This allowed students to have a good starting point from which they made the changes necessary to achieve their final model.

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