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Melissa Rivers takes over Fashion Police as new co-host.

Toulouse School of Fashion tells you all about Fashion Police and the new controversy surrounding the show

Fashion Police was created in September 2010 and quickly became one of the most popular show of the E-network. Its success was largely due to Joan Rivers. Always irreverent and funny, Joan Rivers loved to judge and criticize celebrities and had an incredible eye for fashion. It was a match made in heaven. Her humour and incredible wit made the show legendary. The comedian had transformed the small show in a weekly RDV for fashionistas worldwide.


Taking a look back at Fashion Police history

For four years, Joan Rivers, with her three co-hosts made and broke trends. The death of the artist caused turmoil in September 2014. Indeed, it was a difficult time for E-Entertainment. The network choose to keep on broadcasting the show. Then came the nearly impossible task to finding someone to replace the late Joan Rivers.

The producers , including the daughter of Joan Rivers (then executive producer of the show), offered the job to Kathy Griffin. The American comedian seemed at the time to be the perfect fit. Not only She was good friend with Joan Rivers but had like her mentor, a biting sense of humour.

Furthermore, Griffin had her fair share of experience with satire and controversy. Her target of choice? Celebrities. In fact, Kathy Griffin built her career on her controversial statements and acts.

From success to controversy

For a while, it seems like the show was saved. But it was not long before the show went through difficult time again. Trouble started when Giuliana Rancic, one of Kathy Griffin’s co-hosts, commented on actress Zendaya Coleman’s hair. Mocking her dreadlocks, the young women said “ […]I feel like she smells like patchouli oil. Or weed."

Her criticism, considered as racist by some, quickly made its way around the web. Her co-host, Kelly Osbourne quickly dissociated herself from those comments. A few days later, she decided to leave Fashion Police in support to her friend, Zendaya.

Meanwhile, Kathy Griffin tried to somehow defend her colleague’s comment, explaining that the young woman had only repeated a joke that had been written for her by well-experienced comic writers. However, not long after, she left the show. Missing two of its hosts, the show had to stop.
Ultimately, it is Joan Rivers‘s daughter, Melissa who will take over the show next season.

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Photo source : Entertainment All Paper