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“La Maison” Jules Tournier is a matter of generation. In 1865, the company took its first steps in the world of textiles and crafts, choosing to specialize in wool. Maison Jules Tournier installed its first workshop in the Tarn, Mazamet, where its products are still made today.

Jules Tournier is one of the few workshops that have evolved through decades. The reason for this success across time? A specific expertise combined with a taste for the Made in France.

Jules Tournier, a major actor of the Made in France

Since its establishment, the company now managed by Lionel Bonneville, a sixth-generation Tournier, was able to establish his expertise in many areas. Spinner, weaver, knitter, dyer ... Jules Tournier masters each step of the creation of his products.

If some of the company’s wool come from South America or Africa, others are still being developed in France, in the Tarn, in accordance with the wishes of the company leaders.


This choice reveals several advantages. The wool produced in Mazamet boosts the regional economy and also reduces the constraints that can be imposed by logistics. In addition, the label Made in France today is a guarantee of quality in which customers place the greatest importance. Proof is: the premium and luxury house represent 15% of sales of Jules Tournier. It is no coincidence as they are aware of how their customers value the origin of the products they buy.

A fashion heritage that thrives

The path of Jules Tournier is a model of inspiration for students at the Toulouse school of fashion. Collections and products thought of there for decades are still being edited. They are certainly reviewed so they can be up-to-date, both in terms of the cuts and in the materials used. Being more contemporary, they are very successful and continue to proudly display the DNA of the brand.

Today, Lionel Bonneville’s efforts were recently rewarded: Jules Tournier was ranked “Entreprise du patrimoine vivant”

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