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How to become a fashion blogger

Are you a fashionista? Are you passionate about fashion and would like to share your style and test new trends via social networks? Fashionistas took possession of the web, some bloggers even made it their principal source of income. Betty Autier, iconic French blogger recently reported earning between 300,000 and 500,000 euros per year. Advertising, affiliating and  having contract with a top fashion agency, allow the blogger to raise a generous monthly pay. Betty Autier is one of the few who can reach such success; however many fashion bloggers are now living off their blogs.



The secret of success

Ever dreamt of becoming a fashion icon?  Want to make and break trends? Rule number 1 : Be different. Forget about amature website platforms and create your ideal website based on your image. You have to be original. Original content is the key to popularity and must reflect your personality. On the web, being unique is rewarded, so take advantage of it, and show your extraordinary personality.

Cultivating an online community is very important. Twitter, Facebook or Instagram are strong allies in this process.

Finally, you will need some hard work and patience. Indeed one does not become the queen of the internet by a few clicks. It often takes several years and countless hours of work before you can integrate into the club of influential bloggers. 

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