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A Joyful Street protest for Chanel

A street protest? No, a fashion show! You are not dreaming. The gorgeous creatures holding signs and microphones are the models of the 2014 Chanel fashion-show. A wind of freedom is blowing on the Chanel house, and the instigator  of this revolution is none other than Karl Lagerfeld. Holding signs such as "Made ​​fashion not war" and "Free the freedom" top models beat the pavement under the glass roof of the Grand Palais.


A very chic happening

It’s not the first attempt of the famous Chanel fashion designer. He had previously set up one of his fashion show in a supermarket. If  Lagerfeld has chosen to recreate a Parisian avenue for his prestigious parade, this time,  it is no accident. Today, new trends are thanks to street fashion. Elitism is no longer the condition for the success of a collection. Indeed fashionistas are the ones who makes and breaks trends. They have more power than ever and are even sometimes a prescriptive figure in the fashion industry.

Inspired by this trend, the “catwalk street protest” of Karl Lagerfeld is therefore part of a fashion marketing logic. By putting his fashion in on the street, the famous fashion designer is trying to connect with a wider public.


A collection with the 60's vibes

From tweed to “arty” print worn by Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevigne or Gisele Bundchen, the influence of the 60’s fashion is everywhere. This is fully assumed by the legendary fashion house which takes the opportunity to make a reference to May 68 French strikes.

This spring-summer collection from Chanel which, in his creator‘s own words, is "full of joy and hope," pays tribute to this historical period. A true revolution for the brand.

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