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Just a few weeks ago, we reported about Méïssène Maghni and the Muza Project, which aimed to bring together in Israel 10 talented young designers from around the world.

A student from the Toulouse fashion school receives support from “All with us ”

From 29th August through 4th September, 2015, the designers went on a five-day trip full of surprises and emotions. As for Méïssène, she was able to participate in the project thanks to the All With Us Association, (created in Haute-Garonne and chaired by Boaz Gasto.)

"When I was asked to participate in the program, I did not hesitate for a second. I saw this proposal as once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This will be a springboard for my future career”, she explained in an interview.


A professional opportunity for a designer from Esimode

During their stay, young designers were invited to attend a variety of events designed to familiarize them with the sphere of Israeli fashion. Méïssène Maghni was able to meet many Israeli artists brand owners which gave her the opportunity to discover new talent and expand her inspirations! As a highlight of the meeting, she was offered an outfit she could wear during a photo shoot.

The young woman was also able to meet with designer Kedem Sasson and discuss his career with him. Furthermore, Méïssène has met many local bloggers who allowed her to gain more followers on social networks and thus gain more visibility.

For our student in design, the Muza project was an unforgettable experience. It was an opportunity to develop her professional network and to start building her reputation at an international level. Her experience has also been the subject of numerous articles in the French, Israeli and American media.