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When do classes start?

We have two semesters : the first semester starts in mid September and goes until the end of January, and the second semester starts in mid-February and goes until mid-June.


When is the deadline for applications?

ESIMODE has a rolling application process; however, we recommend that students apply by the 15th of April to ensure that there will be places available and that you will have time to apply for a visa.


What are my housing options?

Students can choose to live with a host family, stay in a student residence, or rent an apartment on their own. A popular student residence in Montpellier where students frequently stay is the Residence Clemenceau :

Is there any financial assistance for housing ?

For a stay of more than three months in the same accommodation, it is possible to get a rent rebate - ALS (Allocation Logement Social). ALS is an allowance paid by the “ Caisse d’Allocations Familiales ” (CAF). Its aim is to help students pay for their accommodation. The ALS refunds approximately € 150 per month from the second month. The allowance is given directly to the student. Students should visit the CAF website to apply.

What about health insurance?

The French Government requires non European Union students under 28 years old and spending more than three months in France to purchase the French health insurance, called “ Sécurité Sociale ”. The cost is about € 217 per academic year. It refunds about 70 % of medical costs. Sécurité sociale doesn’t cover you if you travel outside France, in case of repatriation and for civil liability. For students over 28 years old, you will need to obtain your own health insurance coverage.

Can I work in France?

Depending on your visa, you may be permitted to work a certain number of hours per week. However, most students find that it is not easy to balance work and school, and in general it is very difficult for students to find jobs in France.

How much does it cost to live in France ?

Students should plan on spending at least € 800 per month on food, housing, and transportation costs within the city.

How much will students need to spend on school supplies ?

Students should expect to spend at least € 300 the first year to buy the necessary art supplies for the courses.

Where do ESIMODE’s international students come from ?

Our international students come from countries including : Brazil, Greece, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Dubai, Mauritius, and Malaysia.

What is the student-to-teacher ratio at ESIMODE ?

We have small classes where students get personal attention from professors. The current ratio is 1 : 8.

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