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Postgraduate course from University of Toulouse / ESIMODE International School of Fashion

Duration of the course: 4 years 

Level and conditions of entry :
To meet the minimum eligibility standarts for graduate students at ESIMODE college of fashion, an applicant must : (1) hold a bachelor degree from a reagionally accredited institution, or shall have completed equivalent academic preparation as determined by appropriate campus authorities, (2) have a good command of the French language to an independent level and English language to an intermediate level, (3) satisfactorily meet the professional, personal, scholastic and other standards for graduate study, including qualifying examinations, (4) fill in an application form and attend an interview following which a conditional offer will be made.



A University Degree (equivalent to a Master’s) - Textile and Clothing, Luxury & Fashion Design, is delivered at the end of a four-year course. This course is aimed at training pattern making students to develop a strong sense of creativity, taking into account the constraints linked to the manufacture, production and distribution of clothing in all sectors - whether this is for the luxury goods or high-street market. 

At the end of the course, young designers will have acquired the skills required to work in both French and overseas fashion companies and, where this is their ultimate aim, to create their own fashion label. They will be awarded a Master’s Degree from either the Jean-François Champollion University or from Mod’Art International.

Access to this one-year course, which includes a 6 month work-placement, is open to students with a minimum of 3 years in creative design studies, and is subject to a selection process involving the examination of their portfolio and an interview to assess the student’s motivation.
Candidates suitable for this course are primarily : ESIMODE students who have completed their third-year of Creative Fashion Design, or Mod’Art International Création students who have completed their third-year in Design. Holders of third-year higher education certificates from other universities or from a professional design school may also submit applications; these may be accepted subject to their examination and interview before a panel from ESIMODE.


Creative approach, drawing, Design culture, fashion design, textile creation, product installation, technical English,professional communication, law and environment, fashion marketing.


Advanced Fashion Design 
Theoretical courses on the production, management and production quantities, prototypes, research supplies, collection plan, technical drawing. Their application in the form of an internship report, the realization of a mini collection, production and monitoring the model production.

Major Honours Collection
This course focuses on the creation of a personal collection which is accompanied by a study of reliability for its production and its presentation.

Fashion Reasearch Report
Drafting a report including historical, sociological, economic and technical aspects on the authors of the manufacturing and production of textiles and clothing.

Fashion Collection Journal 
Creation of collection album «Trendbook» in which the strengths and influences of style can be summarized.

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