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Testimonials from ESIMODE students

Alexia L – Student in Fashion Management :

“I hope this first term goes well and the whole ESIMODE team behaves itself. At the moment I am very happy working for Quicksilver I have signed my CDI at the beginning of December so I am pleased, the projects are interesting and I get to travel, we shall see what the future has in store for me.

Thank you once again for your help during these last two years.

Good luck to everyone, I hope you have a good break."

- Alexia L.

Valentine H- Student in Fashion Management : 

“When I left ESIMODE, I started working straight away with Sandro. In fact, this business had decided to take me on after my 3 month internship with them. I have worked in different areas, the commercial department, management… and I had the opportunity to work with the logistics department, a very enriching experience. Now I work in the offices of Vente-privé, a job which I have dreamed about for many years. I am a fashion shooting assistant. It´s a job which involves a lot of team work, getting together all the people involved and with the photographers, the assistants, the models… I have to dress the models and make sure that everything runs smoothly. It is enriching and fulfilling. The teams are amazing and the atmosphere is great. I have never really been in such a good situation. Before, we worked with music and we made the most of all advantages and opportunities. My contract finishes on 30th December. I have decided to go to England and have new adventures." 

I wish you a Happy Christmas, see you soon!”

Claire-Agathe C. - Student in Fashion Management : 

“A quick up to date: I moved to Paris in July to prepare a Master in Marketing/Communication. Half the time I have theory lessons and half the time I work with Christofle Orfèvrerie as assistant manager in project merchandising. My tasks are new and the atmosphere is different in the middle of the world of fashion...

See you soon!”

Claire-Agathe C. 

Alice F. - Student in the model department :

“I set up my own business last year and it is going rather well. I have made more than 10 cocktail dresses and I have dealt with two weddings this year. I already have many orders for the next season thanks to the local wedding exposition in my region.

Thanks for everything you have shown me at school. I would also like to say thanks for having so much patience to answer my questions and talk about my worries. Thanks also to Carole Rouch for the great experience in Russia and for your support in the school. Thanks to everyone!

I was touched by the program m6, “Belle toute nue” where I saw our school on TV

See you soon, I will come to see you when I am near by."

Alice F.

Justine R. - Student in Fashion Management- has written to us :

“I hope you are OK and everything is going well at the school!

I am pleased to let you know that I have found a job as an assistant for the label X based at Toulouse. I was taken on August 10th for a CDI and after almost a month my testing period was finished. 

When I left the school, I was taken on by this certain label which proposed only week-long contracts for development and selling, something which did not convince me. 

I found the advertisement for X and two interviews later they took me on board. 

When thinking about all the doubts I had during my last year looking for a job, I hope my experience reassures future students. 

I would like to thank you personally and the school for offering such a rounded qualification that prepares students for life in a business in the working world. If I had not had done ESIMODE, I would not have know how to carry out my job.

I hope you have a good day and I hope to see you in the near future”

Justine R. 

Luce H. - Student in Fashion Management- has written to us :

“I hope you are all well! I am happy to tell you that I am officially a CDI with Quicksilver. It is incredible! I have integrated the team really well and the job really pleases me. I am discovering on the go all the different sides to the job and I am really living this experience to the maximum. My friend is coming to live with me in January and then everything will be perfect!

I hope everything is going well for you too. See you soon!"

Luce H.

Astrid D. - Student in Fashion and Style (2005-2007): 

“Good evening, I wish to thank you particularly for the great education offered. I am currently based in Mexico where I am the organizer for Mexico´s most important Fashion Week. (…) As well as this, I have been recently taken on as a designer for a swim wear label.

Thanks again to all the ESIMODE team."

Asterid D

Phung Trung Hieu (30 years old) and Julie d´Ambroso (23 years old) – label D´Able- Yu: 

The label D´Able-Yu (pronounced Double You in English) belongs to the D3 society based on the theory of Ying-Yang with the aim of reflecting Occident in harmony with it´s environment, it´s universe, it´s body and mind. The label is directed at a certain age: from 20 to 35 years old, in particularly a selection of people who wish to dress modernly: urban landscape, rebel spirit, mix of sport and rock attitude, modern technology… natural materials… the range of products is vast: trousers, skirts, t-shirts, jumpers, shirts, accessories… 

This label was the result of a partnership between two young students from ESIMODE that met each other during competitions and many exhibitions in France and on the international scene. 

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