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Studying fashion in Toulouse


Although Toulouse is well-known as the European headquarters of the aerospace industry, it also boasts a highly successful textile industry, historically a key activity in the Midi-Pyrénées Region, it is also an important tourist and agricultural site in France. 

Toulouse owes its dynamism to a young population; a third of whom are aged between 18 and 29. The presence of some 100,000 students makes Toulouse (locally known as the “Pink City”) France’s second largest university town (just behind Paris) and a prized site due to its large number of teaching establishments. Three universities, comprising 14 schools in all, together with a large range of both sporting and cultural activities, in a thoroughly welcoming atmosphere, ensure Toulouse’s reputation as a thriving City. 

The City’s urban fabric comprises 342 municipalities and a conurbation which is ranked as the 4th most important textile centre in France. It is the most important production site in France for carded thread and materials, such as wool. In Toulouse, the textile industry employs around 4,000 people; or nearly 7,000, if we include the clothing, leather and fashion design sectors.


3547 avenue de la lauragaise

31683 Labège cedex


By car :  Exit 18 de la rocade 

By Metro and Bus :  

Metro line B until the terminus 'Ramonville' then take bus N° 79 , in the direction of 'Labège Couder' or 'St-Orens Lycée', stopping off at 'Ctre Cial Labège 2'  - Buses are every 20 minutes and the journey time is around 20 minutes plus a 10 minute walk.

Metro line A , Station: 'Esquirol' then take bus N°80, in the direction of 'Escalquens La Caprice', stopping off at 'Planck' - Buses are every 20 minutes and the journey time is around 30 minutes


Fashion studies in Toulouse
3509 La Lauragaise
31670 Labège

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