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ESIMODE : International Fashion Design School


Are you seeking to become a professional in the world of fashion design, creation, pattern making, marketing or management? ESIMODE has established itself as educational leader in fashion design.

As a private fashion school, ESIMODE’s business is in training tomorrow’s professionals from both France and overseas; preparing them to face the challenges of a constantly evolving industry; through courses specifically adapted to the demanding requirements of this trade - a field in which a dynamic approach is vital in the face of strong competition.

This is why the staff at our school are hand-picked professionals; with permanent links to businesses in the sector - and attentive to their needs. Some of them are permanently based at the school, thus providing optimum course monitoring, whereas some are trainer-consultants; working specialists who ensure that the content of courses is kept up to date, reflecting the latest trends and materials, as well as production materials in current use.

Our training courses are approved and accredited:  

Certificate courses have been put in place through collaboration with Mod’Art International and the Jean-François Champollion University. 

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