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fashion design short course


To discover fashion design. A practical approach to fashion design. A background of today ’s fashion history. Understand and measure each student’s creative possibilities. From different exercises during the week, the teaching staff will be able to give a first opinion on the general artistic capacities of the students and on specific aspects of certain subjects. Help to confirm student’s choice of future career.  The course will provide each student an overview of their capacities and their true interest plus a guideline to help reach their full potential.

Suitable candidates 

Courses are open to anyone over the age of 16.

Study program

History of fashion and an approach to design – Workshops on dress designing, fashion figurines. Workshops on materials (textiles, colours, material, patterns) and pattern making with volume. A visit with running commentary to designer shops – Workshop on clothing design - Workshop on trends – Workshop on fashion design or pattern making. Each student with a specific deadline works on a fixed fashion exercise. An individual interview to help advise students on their choice of studies and career.

length of course :
over 4 days *

*minimum of 8 candidates required

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